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There are times when every cleaning business finds itself in deep water in regards to staff schedules, strict client schedules, and information regarding credit card payments, invoices, and quotes among other things. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the huge amount of effort required. There are several software cleaning businesses available in the market to help you stay on top…


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Header banner of Software

There are times when every cleaning business finds itself in deep water in regards to staff schedules, strict client schedules, and information regarding credit card payments, invoices, and quotes among other things.

You may find yourself overwhelmed by the huge amount of effort required. There are several software cleaning businesses available in the market to help you stay on top of your industry. Ranyan is a homegrown software created over the years to make the process of a janitorial company simpler.

You can manage important information without the need for pen and paper with cleaning business software. Ranyan simplified the process of combining effective job management tools into cleaning services. The software helps dramatically boost the team’s productivity. It has the potential to increase your ability to maximize the earning potential of your cleaning business.

Need for a Cleaning Service Software

There is no denying the fact that meeting clients’ needs promptly and running a cleaning service are demanding tasks. Fortunately, there are growing trends in technology that can make every area of a cleaning business operation simpler. You can have a greater potential of surviving and staying competitive in the future by integrating technology into your operation.

Cleaning business software can give you the edge you need to remain competitive in the future. It can give your business the much-needed edge over competitors. The more advanced cleaning service software provides mobile solutions in a comprehensive all-in-one tech. This allows a company to save precious time and costs.

A glaring benefit of cleaning service software tools is that it provides management solutions and greater functionality, which allows companies to recover all their needs and requirements in an integrated manner. Technicians performing fieldwork used to only have access to cumbersome paper forms. They had to fill these forms by hand and send the data to the central office for processing. This makes you lose vital time in the process.

Janitorial company software allows for:

  • Automating scheduling, tracking, route optimization, and billing
  • Getting rid of manual processes and paperwork
  • Improving customer engagement and communication
  • Knowing what is happening in the field in real-time
  • Reacting and responding to unforeseen situations, new requests, and last-minute changes quickly

There are several different software versions available for cleaning businesses. However, by choosing an automated solution that was built by people from the cleaning industry, you can be sure that all your concerns will be addressed. Ranyan is one such software solution.

Features of a Typical Cleaning Business Software

These are a few features you should look for while considering a cleaning service software option:

1. Automated scheduling

The first feature you should ask for is automated scheduling. This task alone can take hours and there have been instances of business owners losing sleep just because a few workers came down with something and called in sick. Scheduling makes a field service business efficient. The scheduler will assign the work orders to the field service team on a first-in first-served basis in an ideal world. Unfortunately, scheduling is more complex than this and push comes to shove on a routine basis.

Cleaning scheduling software can take care of the following exigencies in a timely, cost-effective, and efficient manner:

One of the cleaning employees calls in sick

A client makes a last-minute call to cancel or reschedule their service request

An urgent job comes up that cannot be put off for later. For instance, you need to disinfect a space that has a positive covid-19 person. You may be forced to break the assigned work order queue in this case.

Closure of premises because of a covid-19 outbreak

Cleaning business software makes it easier for managers to assign cleaning jobs to a field team in a seamless manner. Incoming work orders are ranked by the algorithm on priority. The job is usually assigned to the nearest team. The cleaning service software should be able to match the employee with the task on hand, scheduled mandatory time-offs, make adjustments for leaves, and other similar things.

2. Effortless communication

The covid pandemic has made communications more important than ever, especially in the maid service business. Cleaning crews need updated information if they have to get their job done safely. Cleaning management software enables structure and clear and concise communication among all stakeholders. You can choose to have an in-built mode of communication in the mobile app or have the algorithm send emails wherever necessary.

A robust collaboration suite should be able to disseminate the following information to teams in the field:

Knowledge of disinfecting protocols and safe working practices for the cleaners and maid services

Notification of time arrived at the customer premises

News of developments in the industry that is relevant to all users

Informing the cleaning crew about any tasks that need to be completed outside of their normal scope of work

Cleaning service software makes it easier for various stakeholders to communicate among themselves. Specific team members can be apprised of the tasks that need to be completed on a particular day while others can be informed about new ways of disinfecting or cleaning. A good field service app, especially one designed for small businesses, will be able to keep a record of conversations, auto-generate receipts, and ensure that no message is lost in transit.

3. Easy to carry out inspections

Cleaning teams can generate online bookings, inspection forms, and reports through robust cleaning business software. The software should be able to allow the teams to:

Create and develop customized work order management and inspection reports for enabling prompt corrective actions

The accuracy of answers should be improved through auto-populate options and range-limited boxes

The reports should allow for co-opt images captured through a cellphone

These features will allow the business team at the central location to determine whether all aspects of the cleaning contract are being fulfilled. Automated cleaning service software makes sharing of inspection reports quick and simple. It also allows for contactless sharing with regulatory authorities, customers, and other stakeholders.

4. Contactless payment options

Digital payments accepted through mobile devices are the need of the hour for any business. Your cleaning company should be able to send invoices and other customer information digitally. Switching to a digital mode cuts paperwork and the need for taking physical signatures. Field agents should be able to collect payments through commercial cleaning business software.

These are a few things you should ask the janitorial and maid service software to provide:

Use GPS capabilities in the smartphone to track the number of hours spent at the premises and bill accordingly. The app should be able to pull details as required from the work order.

Use a pre-set template for generating automatic invoices and customer communication reports when the work is marked as completed

The best software should send the invoice to the client as an email or text message

Accept credit card payments through a co-opt payment module

Send updates to the accounts department

5. Managing inventory

Inventory management has become more important than ever. The software vendor should allow for features that help a business track usage patterns in real-time. They should schedule jobs only when there is enough inventory with the company. The report should be drilled down to per-building or per-unit area for:

Making trade-offs between stocks and budget

Transferring stocks to high-consumption areas from low-use ones

Identifying potential needs and placing orders in advance with suppliers

Sending stocking alerts in case of essential supplies

There are specific things that every commercial and residential cleaning software needs to have in place for it to be useful. This is why you should work with reputable software vendors that offer ways of overcoming challenges in the cleaning industry.

Advantages of a Commercial Cleaning Software

There are several benefits to purchasing cleaning business software. It helps in coping with pre-empt outages and disruptions. You need to embrace new technology if you want to move ahead with the times and acquire new jobs. Cleaning company software can also work as an effective marketing tool for acquiring new clients.

Janitorial cleaning software proves to be a valuable arsenal for any cleaning business that wants to adapt quickly to changes and remain flexible at the same time. There are plenty of requirements that need to be catered to when it comes to professional janitorial businesses. You need to offer spectacular customer service, affordable pricing, regular follow-ups, and 5-star service.

This is why the use and prevalence of cleaning company software have dramatically increased in recent times. These are a few important features and benefits of a cleaning and scheduling solution:

1. Accessibility

A good cleaning service software solution stores information for round-the-clock connectivity. You don’t need to keep a watch on your notebook or keep backups. The service program will allow multiple people from various locations to have access to the information reserve at the same time. Additionally, you don’t need to make old and new customers wait to get a response to their queries. You can promptly access the data stored in the software to answer any query.

2. Multi-device compatibility

Most field service management software options offer absolute compatibility with different sorts of electronic devices. The janitorial and maid service owners can keep a tab on the cleaning crew. In turn, the cleaners can fill their working hours and access the time-keeping application through laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Another great benefit is that inspection professionals can swiftly enter data and their reports into the cleaning business management software. This removes the need for manually searching through heaps of inspection documents during daily operations for obtaining actionable minutiae. Further, managers can examine the authenticity of inspection observations made. They can reach out to the property manager for immediate customer feedback in case of critical observations.

3. Streamlined access

Another unique benefit of cleaning company software is that it can allocate customized accounts to team members, management, partners, and customers. These accounts can ensure only relevant access is provided. You would be able to filter out the exact information required. It will preserve communication history as well in a single place.

The app should qualify customers to get estimates, cleaning steps, online mobile-first checklists, schedule calendars, and automatic payment reminders among others. At the same time, the mobile application should allow relevant team members to offer free trials to interested clients. Inspectors should be allowed to prepare unique reports and manage the needs so that owners or managers can analyze data and results.

4. Communication

A commercial cleaning business requires the simultaneous working of several cleaners at different locations. There must be streamlined communication among the cleaners. It can be difficult to appraise team members’ daily tasks through texts, emails, or phone calls. A cleaning business management app can help you prevent errors while informing all your team members of their respective schedules.

The cleaning company software can also be used for creating professional invoices that charge customers based on job times, travel time, and other factors as chosen by you. Effortless communication among various departments allows for easy carrying out of administrative tasks that aid in overall profitability.

5. Lends a competitive edge

The commercial cleaning industry is one of the more popular industries with several players entering the field today. This is thanks to the ease of entry and limited barriers to operation. The purpose of every business is to make as much money as possible. This can only be done with lower overhead costs and by increasing the scope of business.

Cleaning business software gives you a much-required competitive edge. You can carry out your list of daily tasks with ease and efficiency by using automated software. You can raise work tickets, schedule manpower, allow for feedback, and do other tasks.

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Ranyan is a state-of-the-art cleaning service software that offers a wide range of advanced tools for organizing your workflow. You can reduce turnaround time while increasing efficiency for achieving the goals you aspire for your business. Learn more about Ranyan today by calling +1 786-297-8830 or using our contact form.

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