How to choose the best cleaning service software for your cleaning company

Running a cleaning company is no easy task. As a business owner, there is a lot to manage, including scheduling your cleaning service and managing online reservations.  The good news is that cutting-edge cleaning service software streamlines your work and boosts your earnings.


Running a cleaning company is no easy task. As a business owner, there is a lot to manage, including scheduling your cleaning service and managing online reservations. 

The good news is that cutting-edge cleaning service software streamlines your work and boosts your earnings.
The following guide highlights the top cleaning scheduling software and explains the advantages for your company if you’re searching to take your business to the next level.

What To Look For In Cleaning Business Software

The most important question to ask yourself, when selecting a feature-rich software platform for your cleaning business is: who is it made for?

You want to constantly seek software that was created by and for experts in the cleaning industry. This guarantees that you will have all the features you require in a single, well-organized bundle and that these functionalities will be specially tailored for the sector of the market your serve.

Since the cleaning industry is a field service operation, it has many of the same requirements as other field service sectors. 

However, there are a few particular requirements. When searching for a work order software, keep in mind the following:

1. Effective time management

Companies in the cleaning industry require software that is effective at scheduling jobs. You’ll need a program with solid functionalities that allow you to fit as many jobs into a day as possible. 

It should also give you a top-down picture of what all of your cleaners are doing and their available hours so you can easily figure out who’s free and who isn’t if you want to succeed in this market.

2. Excellent customer service

Apps are always changing. There are times when things break or you need assistance with a problem. Strong, amiable, and simple-to-use customer support systems from reputable software partners will leave you feeling relieved rather than dissatisfied or concerned.

For instance, at Ranyan – a top-notch janitorial business operating software, we understand that managers and operators of commercial cleaning businesses often do not want to deal with software headaches. Therefore we emphasized customer service even more. 

The app logs customer feedback, allowing you to have a clear understanding of what needs to be improved and how to work at full efficiency. You can also send customer satisfaction surveys on the performance of your commercial cleaning business.

3. Easy dispatching and scheduling for your staff

Your field force should be able to view new jobs and be assigned to the location they’re closest to, by using a mobile app. They can effortlessly move on to the next task when they’re finished, allowing you always to know where your cleaners are.

Meanwhile, you can focus all of your old and new customers, invoices, bookings, financial data, and payments with just one cutting-edge piece of software that is stored safely and securely in the cloud.

In addition to showing which jobs are current and which invoices need to be sent out, Ranyan software offers a top-down view of your appointments and work orders. 

Besides other important features, know that your cleaners can view their schedule on the Ranyan app, which also has helpful insights for automated time sheets. 

4. Staff engagement

A great management tool for cleaning services should have a thorough dashboard where staff members can clock in and out for the day, request time off, and upload notes. 

Additionally, this is where an employee’s daily activities, including travel time, breaks, and working hours will be recorded. This will provide you with a bird’s-eye view of what your team is up to on any given day.

By reducing daily chores and streamlining communication between employees and the management team, you’ll not only make everyone’s jobs easier but also keeps your staff engaged and raises their level of overall job satisfaction.

Key Features 

It’s important to keep in mind that not all accounting software for cleaning businesses works in the same way. The following features are a must if you’re looking for the best software on the market:

  1. Work orders planning – Cleaning companies require an effective system for managing their duties while on the go.
  2. Administrative support – From expense tracking to insurance, the cleaning software should assist you with all the daily administrative tasks you need to keep your business functioning.
  3. User-friendliness – Ensure that the system is simple to use, accessible on a variety of devices, and has a streamlined interface.
  4. Online Security – Your critical corporate financial information, as well as any customer information that is saved in the system, must be protected.

Benefits of Cleaning Business Software Solutions

For companies that provide commercial cleaning services, your demands can be specific, and not all software can be suitable. 

However, there are numerous solutions available, and each one will claim to be able to assist. So, how do you choose the best cleaning service software? We’re here to assist you!

You should first start with three key steps:

  1. Make a list of your requirements.
  2. Make a shortlist based on your top needs.
  3. To find out what works, begin scheduling demos and speaking with representatives.

Managing a cleaning company is challenging and demands superior management abilities, especially when you have a team of cleaners under your responsibility.

Here’s how the right software can take the load off your back:

Use waste reduction technology to promote sustainable practices

Most businesses that want to conduct themselves ethically prioritize managing their environmental issues. Customers will increasingly want to use cleaning services with eco-friendliness and sustainability credentials as society grows more aware of the effects daily activities have on the environment.

By using the technologies that assist in lowering the amount of pointless trash produced by cleaning services, you can ensure your company is sustainable and reaches a carbon-neutral status.

Boost communication with a field reporting app

Your staff can enhance their on-site reporting thanks to smart device applications like Ranyan. These enable personnel to communicate and receive pictures of the different locations to which they have been delegated. 

On a safe cloud platform, they can also keep electronic copies of service agreements, invoices, and other important documents.
The right app not only minimizes reporting errors but also guarantees that your cleaning jobs and operations are cost-effective and time-bound. 

Employees can report the start and end hours of their shifts. Property managers can also monitor how daily operations are progressing. These examinations will assist in raising the effectiveness of your cleaning service company.

Accessible 24/7

With Ranyan’s capacity to instantly access content stored on the software server over the Internet, you have exceptional management of your clients’ settings for inquiries to be answered. At anytime, anywhere. 

Issues or emergencies can be instantly signaled by the client or your cleaners, and the app provides information on a 24-hour basis. 

It is the best way to keep a tight eye on your field employees from your mobile device and make sure they don’t miss any crucial chores.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Business Software Solutions

Here are the answers to the top questions you might have about the cleaning service software solution. 

Can cleaning software for businesses benefit your operation? 

The right commercial cleaning business software does benefit your company! Workflow automation offers the most advantages.
You have more time, energy, and money for the things that matter when you automate your daily tasks. You can use that time to find new clients or grow your business rather than wasting it on tedious tasks like collecting reports and scheduling appointments.

Is professional cleaning software easy to use?

There are often some initial difficulties in implementing new technology. However, the top commercial cleaning software programs reduce the learning curve by providing lessons and onboarding to bring you up to speed faster.

Does the software for cleaning businesses have a mobile app?

A great cleaning business software must include a mobile app that is cross-platform compatible, for all mobile devices, giving users access to real-time field worker communication and customer engagement.

What is a review management system?

This feature in your cleaning service software platform enables you to build up an efficient review system, reminds customers to post feedback for the service they received automatically, and allows you to swiftly respond to reviews and handle any issues your customers could bring up. 

It is one of the best marketing tools you can use to ensure a positive relationship between your customer and you.

How should a cleaning schedule be set up?

Using other filters or your availability, cleaning schedule software automatically arranges tasks. Through real-time data, you can track personnel availability and discover how to effectively assign jobs.

Which cleaning service software is ideal for my cleaning company?

You can’t go wrong by trying Ranyan if you need a top-notch management tool made especially for the cleaning industry. This custom software was designed to provide a solution to every issue your cleaning business can face in a productive and stress-free way.
Our software was created by experienced industry professionals for cleaning business owners who wish to reduce stress and grow their businesses.

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