Commercial Cleaning Software to Manage Leads

It can be difficult for a cleaning business owner or manager to be able to acquire new customers or leads. After all, there are only so many hours in the day. With the time spent on managing client schedules, assigning…


It can be difficult for a cleaning business owner or manager to be able to acquire new customers or leads. After all, there are only so many hours in the day. With the time spent on managing client schedules, assigning work tickets, scheduling for mandatory leaves, and other tasks, there is very little left for you to focus on growing the business.

Fortunately, there are robust technologies out there that can help you create a marketing plan and manage your commercial cleaning leads. Commercial cleaning software can actually do more than that. These tools can take care of scheduling, assigning, communicating, and informing. Some of the more advanced versions can also send clients automated invoices with bill payment reminders. These are just a few features that make these software solutions beneficial to both old and new businesses in the cleaning industry.

Keep reading to learn more about how your commercial cleaning business can use such software for managing leads and growing.

Automate Your Sales Process With a Cleaning Business Software

In this age of fast-paced communication, you cannot leave something as time-sensitive as finding the best commercial cleaning leads to managers or other workers. Commercial cleaning companies need to keep up with the times since any delay on their part could cost them business. Picture this – a long-standing client of your company refers your janitorial services to another company. They use the online contact form on your website to reach out to you, Unfortunately, the manager that responds to these queries is out sick.

The referral lead then goes to a different company, that immediately sends them a quote and contracts to look over. Your tardiness caused you to get out of the game even before you could pitch your services. Cleaning company software can prevent a referral from going ignored and getting taken over by the competition. You can answer a question as soon as it pops up in the system.

You can automate your follow-up efforts and build client relationships, whether they are contacts, leads, referrals, or past and current customers. Commercial cleaning software options allow for greater control over the sales workflow and process regardless of the medium you choose.

How Do Commercial Cleaning Software Tools Capture and Manage Leads?

These are 4 ways a janitorial cleaning software can help you capture and manage leads:

1. Automate all follow-ups

Automatic response ensures that no potential customers are kept waiting. Property managers, business owners, or homeowners usually request a quote via email. Your commercial cleaning software will give them an automated response while storing their contact information in the database. It will also notify one of the employees or managers to follow up. Commercial cleaning services need to be careful with any leads that come their way. It can be easy to lose leads by way of cracks in the entire process.

This type of streamlined process has helped thousands of cleaning businesses acquire long-term clients. The software creates a workflow that engages customers at all times. The best part is that you can customize the software as per your preferences. You can also create email campaigns that can market your services to referrals, past clients, and leads.

2. Detailed reports on individual lead statuses

You don’t need to keep wondering where your janitorial service leads are in the sales process. You can check their every step through in-depth reports. You can check which sales rep the potential clients spoke to and whether they received a follow-up and the information they were looking for. You can also check for any further notes. A great benefit of these tools is that the entire monitoring process can be customized as per your needs.

You can do the following with personalized and advanced janitorial business software:

  • Calculate ROI and up-sell or cross-sell opportunities
  • Track every step of the sales process
  • Record appointment reminders, notes, and status updates
  • Customize milestones in the sales pipeline as per your workflow

3. Lead accountability

You don’t want a valuable lead to go unattended because of confusion, carelessness, or any other reason. There is little room for potential cleaning jobs to fall through the cracks with a janitorial cleaning software solution. New leads can be entered directly into the software database and assigned.

This is how these algorithms work when it comes to lead assignment and accountability:

  • Assigning leads in bulk
  • Reassigning leads that are not given attention automatically
  • Making aware of who is responsible for a particular follow-up
  • Each lead gets tracked in the system through generated reports on progress

4. Completing tasks through intuitive reminders

The primary benefit of commercial cleaning software is to keep track of your staff at all times. It ensures that tasks are completed by assigning accountability and sending reminders. In short, having a CRM tool is the same as a 24/7 personal assistant that keeps tabs on everything and everyone.

Your people will be reminded and notified on a daily basis about those tasks that require immediate attention, such as:

  • Neglected leads
  • Information requests by current clients
  • Re-quoting an old or a new client
  • Calendar updates

This means that you and your managers spend less time chasing down employees in the sales team. You don’t need to ask for any manual follow-up which again increases efficiency by saving time. You can also save on paying a lead generation company.

Cleansing Janitorial Leads With Commercial Cleaning Industry Software

There is no doubt that databases make for a great starting point in finding prospective businesses. However, there is only so much information a database can provide to salespersons. This is why you need lead cleansing. Cleansing needs to occur early on in the sales process for it to be useful. This can be when the sales development representative cold calls potential clients or returns follow-up calls.

It is important that the following features are obtained in the information collected:

Accuracy: It is virtually impossible to purchase data that is completely accurate. Changes occur often and the information mentioned in your database can change at any given point in time. For instance, the key decision-maker leaves the company. You will not have updated information if you don’t cleanse the leads.

Details: You need accuracy with details for the salesperson to work their magic. This includes the correct phone number, email address, job title, and specific cleaning services required among others. You would also need other information, like whether the company is satisfied with their current cleaning services provider.

Such information can be attained only through detailed questions. It is important to remember that cold calling is an archaic method of gathering data. Also, it is not appreciated by most property managers. The best way to reach out to a company is by making gentle contact. In fact, email campaigns are thought to produce the best results in terms of quality leads.

Cleaning service software can come in useful by ensuring that no information is lost. It will make a note of any lead that comes as a referral, through the contact us form or any other way. The cold-callers or follow-up callers can store the new information instead of the old one. You may end up wasting precious money, time, and resources without such a database.

Lead cleansing is an important part of any sales program. However, they cannot be more important for a commercial cleaning business.

This is how having robust software helps with lead cleansing:

1. Keeping up with changing prospects

The sales cycle can be long in the cleaning industry. It can take convincing to make a company realize that outsourcing cleaning services are a good idea and that your particular services make for a great fit. However, there is no denying the fact that a prospect’s situation can quickly change.

Maybe the company is growing and requires more services. Maybe something terrible happened and they require emergency response cleaning services. Whether the sales funnel is long or short, it is necessary that your staff is prepared to leap at a moment’s notice. This can be made possible by having all information about a particular prospect stored in a single database with relevant access to multiple people.

2. Sell more effectively

Did you know that staying in touch with potential leads, even when they don’t reply or want your services at the moment, allows you to gather updated information about them? You never miss a thing. You can stay in the know by being informed about each prospect’s unique situation. This again helps you sell more efficiently and effectively.

The software can keep track of all conversations between the salespersons and the prospect. You can customize the cleaning software tool to save information about which salesperson last spoke to the prospect and any additional notes. The software can be used for sending periodic reminders for the employees to follow up with the lead. There is no better option when it comes to managing leads efficiently.

With comprehensive commercial cleaning software taking care of your needs, you won’t need to pay for lead cleansing or lead generation services.

Lead Generation and Management Through Cleaning Business Software

The first step to an effective sales funnel is the right strategy for lead generation. There are certain software solutions that can help you spread the word about your business through social media as well. It is important that you choose the right strategy for the lead generation before you start with lead management. Cleaning business software solutions can allow for real-time tracking of qualified commercial cleaning leads generation.

You will know effectively which prospects have responded to your campaign. You can customize the system to assign a salesperson to reply to the query once the automated message is sent to the prospect. This lets the prospect know that you are a cleaning company that means business. It also speaks volumes about the level of importance paid to customer service.

Another benefit of using janitorial service software during new commercial cleaning leads generation is accountability. Managers don’t need to run after salespersons. They know exactly which employee was responsible for a particular prospect and whether they did everything possible to convert the prospect into a client. This form of accountability is particularly important for local businesses that are struggling with attaining new leads in their area.

Several local commercial cleaners turn to Google ads or other search engines for acquiring local leads. However, by investing in a cleaning company software, you can get several different features under a single umbrella whether you service workplaces or medical offices.

Ways To Acquire New Cleaning Service Leads

You need to identify your target audience or prospective property owners and their respective cleaning goals before you try to acquire new leads. There are several different ways of commercial cleaning lead generation that are both inexpensive and time-efficient. For instance, you can always use PPC, SEO, and other digital marketing techniques to spread awareness regarding your business.

You can also take the direct mail approach. There are several lead-generation companies that offer free leads as part of a package. It is important to know that cold leads may not always be the best thing. This is particularly true for small businesses that don’t have a large budget. Instead, you can make use of available technology to carve a niche in your particular cleaning sector.

When it comes to leads, it is best to have a dedicated account manager take care of the prospective clients. It is a fact that not all leads will convert to paying clients immediately, which makes it necessary to store their information and periodically follow up with them. There are several steps to sales cycles and a lead can convert at any point in the cleaning industry.

A comprehensive and well-developed cleaning business software will offer great ways in terms of appointment setting.

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