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As a cleaning business owner, you’ve probably noticed how technology is taking over the entire industry, and with excellent outcomes. Tasks that took a great amount of time, people, and perfect coordination, now can be done in no time. With just a few clicks, you can coordinate an entire team of people.


A man on his computer graphics
A man on his computer graphics

As a cleaning business owner, you’ve probably noticed how technology is taking over the entire industry, and with excellent outcomes. Tasks that took a great amount of time, people, and perfect coordination, now can be done in no time. With just a few clicks, you can coordinate an entire team of people.

This is why businesses that integrate technology into their everyday activities will have a considerably better chance of surviving and remaining competitive in the future. 

Online cleaning service software is among the best instances of cutting-edge technology. 

If you run a cleaning business and don’t use cleaning business software, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Why do you need cleaning service software?

Investing in technology for your cleaning company can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re not familiar with it.

A top cleaning service software will optimize your administrative procedures, enable your commercial cleaning company to deploy employees, interact with clients, and analyze analytics that can help your small business grow.

Depending on the platform, a cleaning service program may have different functions, however, the following are some of the most important features:

  • Route and schedule optimization;
  • Time tracking;
  • Invoicing;
  • Client monitoring;
  • Feedback/Reviews;
  • Attendance control;
  • Payroll.

Ranyan is a platform for cleaning services that offer mobile solutions all in one, enabling your staff to operate more productively while the business saves money and valuable time. 

Meet Ranyan, your teammate in running the business

Ranyan was made to help you run your business with ease and efficiency. It enables you to:

  • Automate route optimization, scheduling, tracking, and billing;
  • Get rid of manual procedures and paperwork;
  • Use it as a scheduling solution, with the help of the online scheduling calendar;
  • Enhance consumer involvement and communication;
  • Use the mobile app to see what is happening in the field in real-time;
  • Respond quickly to new requests, last-minute modifications, and unforeseen circumstances.

How can Ranyan help you?

The goal of our cleaning management software is to offer a fresh, more effective approach to carrying out the regular duties required to run a successful service. 

Business management software simplifies your operations and frees up your team for other, more crucial responsibilities by automating some tasks and completely removing others. All while being intuitive and easy to use by the end users.

Here’s how:

1. Save time with automated tasks

As a manager of a cleaning business, you can significantly reduce the workload and increase efficiency by using top-notch online cleaning scheduling software. 

One of the advanced features is the automation of numerous processes, including scheduling, billing, sending out payment reminders, keeping track of attendance, etc.
Your supervisors are also able to design a daily plan for the cleaners, which they can follow – this saves them time because they don’t have to make a new work schedule every single day.
The system also keeps track of the work tickets completed for a client, the amount of time spent on the project, and the number of cleaners sent to different locations to perform the daily tasks.

Another feature is that you can create invoices, once you’ve chosen a template that works for you.

2. Better task assignment

Confusion tends to occur when new jobs are assigned to the cleaners. The supervisors might give the employees a briefing on their duties. However, once the staff reaches the site, they might become uncertain of what needs to be done.
The lack of communication and different areas of operation are the main reasons.

Using Ranyan’s online cleaning schedule software allows any property manager to limit the likelihood of confusion even if they are not able to be at the same location. 

The program supports the creation of checklists and to-do lists by the managers.
The cleaners can verify the duties they have finished by using checklists. The system updates them after they do that, allowing the managers to monitor the task’s progress in real-time.

It is also one of the best field service management software options, as it reduces travel time by assigning the task to the people closest to the needed location, arriving at the right time, and therefore making a great impression on the client.

The managers can include images or videos of the job that has been assigned in addition to the list of assignments. It keeps everyone on the same page—managers, cleaners, and clients, and prevents confusion.

On top, you don’t need a computer to log into the program, you can do it from any device, either be it on Android devices, tablets, or laptops – you name it. And don’t worry about privacy protection, as your data is safe through cloud-based technology.

3. Better communication with clients

The days of your managers calling or emailing regularly to report on the status are long gone. 

You can use the online cleaning scheduling tool to let the clients know when your team has finished the cleaning jobs. You can also post before-and-after photos to show the progress.
Once they receive the message, your clients can inspect the work completed and give your cleaners a rating right away. You can make a note of any suggestions or recommendations they may have for the future, and receive customer feedback in an instant.

Additionally, you can contact the client in real time, communicate any issue with them, and provide solutions if the cleaning staff has difficulties at work.

Ranyan’s software tool streamlines your operations, keeps critical customer information in one location, and attracts new customers while keeping your existing ones happy.

How? By giving you access to a complete range of essential capabilities, such as booking forms, quote request forms, customer service, secure payments systems, online booking, and more.

4. Innovative Competitive Advantage

In such competitive times, a website is no longer enough to promote your business. You must be able to quickly demonstrate to potential customers that you have what it takes. 

The days of merely explaining what you have to offer are long gone. Clients today are skeptics who require proof before believing. 

Ranyan can be also used as one of the best marketing tools for potential new customers.

If you come across a prospect who is interested in investing in your firm, you can set up access to your account via Ranyan, our cleaning company software, on your mobile device, offer the necessary details, and create a positive first impression to seal the transaction. 

5. Promote Sustainability

The technology in the cleaning industry, if used right, can support sustainability. 

How exactly? For example, you can avoid making too many or unneeded purchases by keeping track of your inventory using our specialized inventory software.

Also, the industry is still predominantly paper-based. But with a top software solution, you’ll be working in digital format, reducing paper waste and unnecessary printed reports.

6. Save Money

Your company, like any other, needs cash to operate. You must always buy and have in stock cleaning solutions, microfiber cloths, and other tools.
As the owner of a commercial cleaning business, these are just a few of the costs you must take into account daily.

A lack of transparency on where your money goes, whether it is the inventory or employees who fail to do their work right, will bring only damages to your business. 

With Ranyan’s cleaning service software solution, you’ll have everything you need to track expenses, manage inventory, track employee performance, and many others. You can then carefully examine where your money is going and make the needed corrections.

By reviewing the data from the platform, you can make documented decisions to improve customer relations and profitability. 

Making sure your clients are satisfied with your service is essential for marketing your company and for a positive brand image.

What is the best software for cleaning companies on the market?

If you need a dependable software program for your cleaning business that has all the features to manage a flourishing commercial business, you’re in the right place.
Our program was made by successful cleaning business owners, for other cleaning service owners.

Ranyan is the best option for your business, whether you’re just getting started or have a lot of experience in the field.

If you’re not convinced yet, don’t worry. You can contact us today, and request a demo to see for yourself how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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