Tips to Save Time and Make Your Business Better


Tips to Save Time and Make Your Business Better

Running a janitorial company is hard. Ranyan makes it way easier.

At Ranyan, we know what it’s like to:

We didn’t start out as a software company. We were mopping floors and taking out the trash.  

We loved the work, but as we grew, hated the headaches that came from a large remote workforce. Ranyan didn’t start as the robust system you see today. Our first version was created 25 years ago on a Palm Pilot. We became passionate about using technology to make our own janitorial work more efficient and effective.

The more we made things digital, the more it paid off. Clients were happier. Employees stuck around longer and did better work. We had less fires to put out. The day-to-day operations ran smoother, and we slept better.

In 2018, shared our homegrown software with a few janitorial companies that we had good relationships with. It transformed their businesses, and Ranyan was born. 

Easy for Your Employees. Easy for Your Clients. Easy for You.

Running a janitorial company will never be a walk in the park.

At Ranyan, we’ll always be 100% committed to our founders’ original goal: to use technology to make janitorial and property maintenance works better.

Our software is about more than saving time and keeping better records. Ranyan is designed to:


Ranyan works as hard as you do.

To start putting it to work for your business, contact us today.