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Ranyan: Your trusted partner in property maintenance and janitorial services. Developed by industry experts, our software facilitates business growth by ensuring compliance, enhancing customer satisfaction, and managing real-time work orders. With employee time tracking, Ranyan serves as your reliable companion. Say goodbye to concerns and embrace comprehensive visibility into your organization, regardless of your location.

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Journey Through Time

Emerging from a janitorial service, we encountered difficulties in managing an extensive remote workforce. Our evolution commenced 25 years ago with a rudimentary system on a Palm Pilot. Driven by an ardent commitment to efficiency, we digitized our operations, enhancing client satisfaction and fostering employee retention. In 2018, we extended our software to fellow janitorial companies, catalyzing transformative changes in their operations and giving rise to Ranyan.

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Your Path to Outstanding Service: Three Simple Steps for Every Job!

Embark on the Ranyan journey effortlessly—getting started has never been more inviting!

Unleashing Exceptional Service in Three Steps.

In the pursuit of delivering unparalleled service, incorporating these three fundamental steps can elevate your performance and ensure exceptional customer experiences on every job.

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3. Put Ranyan to Work

Ease into the process with our team. We’ll configure your systems and train your teams for a fast and efficient start.

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Choose to be effective, Choose to be efficient. Choose Ranyan.

Take the hassle out of overseeing your company. Ranyan’s robust, cloud-based system handles the complexities, leaving you with the freedom to grow your business and maintain delighted clients.

Optimizing Efficiency

Uncover the power of Ranyan with essential strategies for optimal effectiveness in your operations.

Essential Strategies

Elevate your efficiency with essential strategies designed to enhance performance and streamline operations.

Simplicity in Action

Experience simplicity in action with streamlined solutions designed for seamless and efficient operation.

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Meet Our Founder: Visionary Leadership Unleashed

Exploring the Visionary Founder of Ranyan for Inspiring Insights

Kurt Lester

Co-Founder & Relationship Development

We know what running a janitorial company is like. We’ve lived it.
We’ve experienced it. And we’ve developed a way to make it better.

Bryan McMinn

Co-Founder & Head of Finance

Ranyan lets you see what’s actually happening instead of relying
on what you and your team can remember.

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Wow YOUR Clients Month after Month

Ranyan makes it easier to have the peace of mind that comes when you know clients are happy.

Work orders made simple

Handle client requests seamlessly using our work order system. Approved tasks effortlessly integrate into your calendars and workflows, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Resolves problems fast

Ranyan is relentless in its commitment—it never sleeps. Receive immediate alerts for client complaints or employee no-shows, preventing any lapses in addressing important tasks.

Clients Portals

Customize dedicated portals for each client, perfectly meeting their requirements. They’ll find it easy to access information, request changes, and create work orders, while you’ll appreciate the positive impact on client happiness.

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Eliminate the need to ask, ‘What happened last night?’
Keep your clients delighted, and maintain absolute control at all times.

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