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Ironically, running a cleaning business can quickly become very messy with chaotic timekeeping, scattered schedules, and employees that have no idea what they are supposed to be doing. The cleaning industry, at its heart, is field-based and has the same…


Ironically, running a cleaning business can quickly become very messy with chaotic timekeeping, scattered schedules, and employees that have no idea what they are supposed to be doing. The cleaning industry, at its heart, is field-based and has the same needs as other field service industries. However, the industry also has a few unique needs. You need to use all the help you can get. And, Ranyan is here to make your business easier.

Brief Overview of a Cleaning Service Software

Cleaning service software goes by many names, such as commercial cleaning software, janitorial company software, or maid business software among others. This software program helps in managing a cleaning business more efficiently. There are several software options available to take care of scheduling, timekeeping, communication, lead management, inspection reports, and other tasks.

You can use janitorial cleaning software for keeping track of important information, such as jobs, contacts, employees, and vendors as well. Cleaning business software can give you the competitive edge you need in the industry. People that don’t have enough experience with running a cleaning business, find themselves bogged down by the daily affairs of running everything smoothly.

Whether you run a commercial cleaning business or cater to a residential clientele, having a cleaning company software can take the hassle out of managing clients and staff. It can allow managers and other high-level employees in your company to diversify and find new growth avenues. In short, cleaning business software can allow for easy management of clients, time tracking, employee scheduling, and more.

It is recommended that you find software that can run easily on multiple devices, including Android devices, Mac, iPhones, desktops, and Palm-Tech among others. The software engineers should offer free training, free trial, support, live chat, and other features as well.

How Does Ranyan Help?

These are a few ways Ranyan can help you run your residential and commercial cleaning process in a more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective manner:

1. Efficient scheduling

Scheduling workers to different clients and premises is a time-consuming, yet inevitable component. Cleaning businesses need an algorithm that can schedule jobs effectively and efficiently. You need software that packs your schedule in the best possible way. Ranyan has in-built technician scheduling that allows a business to fit as many jobs as possible into their day.

You can obtain a good top-down view of where your cleaners are stationed and what they do. You don’t need a dedicated team just for scheduling tasks. This way you can stay on top of things and manage more effectively. Ranyan is equipped with advanced job scheduling features that enable a cleaning company manager or owner to view the day’s tasks. These are broken down as per the cleaning teams, cleaners, job time, and client details.

Ranyan allows users to book and reassign jobs easily. You can add custom flags and tags, and access customer details among other scheduling tasks. You can make it easier to manage everyday tasks in a better manner by ensuring the key scheduling data remains in a single place. Ranyan provides real-time access to schedules to all relevant employees so all members of the team are on the same page at all times.

A powerful scheduling system can help in improving route efficiency and density for your project team. It is a fact that the average cleaning technician spends only 5 hours in an 8-hour shift producing billable hours. You can improve your revenue by thousands by increasing the billable hours just by 30 minutes if you have 40 technicians in your company. Ranyan can help you schedule smarter so that you never need to lose money because of inefficiency.

2. Administrative tools

You don’t just need to keep your client’s premises neat and well-kept. You have to bring the same outlook towards running your business as well. You need to find software that allows you to keep everything running and in order. This includes everything from everyday operations to insurance and taxes. Ranyan is one such option that helps in the easy running of the administrative side of a commercial cleaning business.

A cleaning business doesn’t allow for respites. You probably rush from one job to the next in an endless spree. The last thing you need is cleaning business software that is too complex to do what you want to get done. You need a simple interface that understands you and places everything within easy reach. The software can be easily viewed on any smartphone, mobile device, or tablet. It is important to understand that most cleaning jobs are straightforward and don’t entail a lot of variation. You probably don’t require a feature-laden and expensive version.

This is especially true if you are a small business. Ranyan is a simple janitorial and maid service software program that receives calls, handles administrative tasks, tracks customer information, dispatches cleaners to the site, and schedules cleaning. What makes it a great cleaning service management software is its ability to include a comprehensive dashboard that allows agents in a particular area to clock in/out, request time off, and upload any doctor’s excuses.

3. Enhanced client engagement

The purpose of any cleaning company when you come down to it is to make things more convenient for customers. The management mobile app you use should facilitate this end by enabling clients to update their contact information, payment information, and notification preferences quickly. They should be able to provide online reviews and feedback if required without any hassle. Certain software offers live help to their clients for enhanced ease of use since a lot of property managers are not tech-savvy.

Pricing and invoicing should be readily available as part of the customer portal functionality. Ranyan allows customers to adjust their cleaning notes and service details in an effortless fashion. You can attain an edge over other competitors when you allow your customers to easily book your services online through the cleaning service management software.

Having this online twist to your business gives you the opportunity to collect viable leads as well. You connect with those customers that place greater importance on convenience over price. You can attain an instant boost in regards to profitability and revenue earnings by making inroads in such a market.

Ranyan allows customers to book jobs on their own. If you use the system creatively, you can save the expenses of hiring an administrative staff and sales team. Tasks can automatically keep pouring in as per the available schedule. You don’t ever need to be without a property that needs cleaning or a project.

4. Streamlines communication

Every field-oriented business has a problem with communication. You may not be able to get information about developments or issues out to workers in time regarding a last-minute job cancellation or any other updates. You may even struggle with keeping up with client communication. Ranyan makes communication among employees and with clients easier through its intuitive portal.

A major problem faced by many cleaning industries is last-minute cancellations or no-shows. Ranyan can be customized to send auto-reminders to customers through emails and text messages. This can help in eliminating the possibility of any wasted trip. The cleaning service management software can also notify the customer once the job is finished. In fact, employees can photos and videos of a job finished which can then be shared with the customers. Generally, such a feature is appreciated by homeowners.

You can improve communications among the staff as well. For instance, if there is an emergency job that has come upon priority, you can get the cleaning business software to update schedules and send notification alerts. The software makes everyone’s jobs easier and provides a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the company.

Ranyan doesn’t alienate employees in the field by allowing them to access information through their mobile phones, which increases overall job satisfaction. It streamlines daily tasks and simplifies communication between the workers and the management team.

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Why Should You Consider Ranyan?

Starting a cleaning company is a lucrative decision. The money alone is a worthwhile reason to invest in the industry. However, there are several unexpected problems that can arise in the everyday running of operations because of the domain’s versatility. For example, an entire team may call in sick because of the flu, or a client may cancel a booking. Other problems include running out of stocks or obtaining a critical report from the inspectors.

The benefits of typically low overheads, barely any operating costs, and reliable demand may seem to get outweighed by the numerous concerns. However, before you decide to pull out completely, you should consider Ranyan. After all, a recent forecast projected that the cleaning industry across all countries is expected to become a $111.5 billion industry by 2030.

These are a few reasons to choose Ranyan as your next cleaning company software:

1. Saves time

There are several features in a cleaning service software program that allows one to save time. You don’t need to input client details on your own, which helps in saving paper. The program can take care of this task for you. You can ensure that the clients are all billed on time with the reminder feature in Ranyan’s intuitive design. It can also answer any questions that prospective clients may have.

Many business owners have made an observation that they don’t need their business acquisition team to spend so much time on lead management. Instead, the team can focus on converting a sale through ready action plans. The software product can also take care of your scheduling tasks through an automated feature. You don’t need cumbersome forms anymore to determine the number of staff you have on a particular job.

2. Streamline your business

There are many things that can go wrong in a cleaning business. For instance, you may suffer a cleaning agent shortage because of supply chain outs. It can get difficult to keep on top of all the data and tasks. Things will only keep getting worse every year if you don’t keep up by using available technology. Standalone commercial and home inspection software can be used for working in line with the inspection process.

However, when you use a comprehensive product like Ranyan, homeowners and property managers alike speak the same language. They will appreciate the business you provide. You won’t need to walk them through a checklist or provide them with pictures to build confidence. Instead, the convenience and enhanced customer service will speak volumes.

3. Get paid quicker

You probably want to get paid as soon as possible after completing a job. Whether you are providing services to a library or real estate agents, you probably don’t want to delay raising an invoice. Ranyan has an automatic invoicing feature that can facilitate this. You can also customize a bill with the convenient edit sections.

Having an automated and intuitive desktop or mobile application can help you run your business more efficiently by allowing you to receive payments easier. The best part is that Ranyan offers tech support if something goes wrong.

4. Retain employees

You cannot have an outstanding business if you are unable to retain your employees. You can reduce attrition through state-of-the-art cleaning business software. Programs aimed at soliciting feedback from employees can tell you where you can make improvements. Automatic scheduling can help in improving working conditions while making fair roster arrangements. Your employees will feel valued and accepted in the long run when you recognize and reward their good performance.

Schedule a Consultation to Know More About Ranyan

It is not easy to run a cleaning service business, whether you cater to the commercial or residential sector. You may end up losing money if you don’t have the right tools. The right cleaning service software, such as Ranyan can prove to be a valuable addition to your business. You can manage your business in a more efficient manner and make productive choices. Give us a call at +1 786-297-8830 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation today.

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