Achieve Your Business Metrics With the Right Janitorial Software

It is not enough to simply clean more facilities if you truly want to grow your cleaning business. You need to increase the frequency of cleaning, add revenue to each clean, and provide clients with impeccable service to boost your brand’s success.


It is not enough to simply clean more facilities if you truly want to grow your cleaning business. You need to increase the frequency of cleaning, add revenue to each clean, and provide clients with impeccable service to boost your brand’s success. However, before doing that you also need to be aware of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) or metrics that you need to be achieved. In today’s technologically savvy world, there is an app or software for every business need.

This guide will help you identify the KPI of the cleaning industry and how the right cleaning services software can help you achieve them.

Key Metrics for the Cleaning Industry

Key Performance Indicators are magical words that can make or break your cleaning business. Key metrics are important to the service provider for assessing the value of the service provided. These are a few popular KPIs to consider:

Quality of the service provided

You can track the quality of service provided by performing regular inspections and audits. This can also help you identify the areas that require improvements and implement new strategies. Inspections may highlight vital points of interest. You can create unique KPIs based on these as per your business model and goals. Further, these unique KPIs will be different for each facility owner.

For instance, commercial buildings with high traffic may want to focus on maintaining their restrooms while a medical center would prioritize disinfection and sanitation. Fortunately, with the right cleaning business software, you don’t need to create paper reports. You can now create immediate report summaries while conducting audits. Few software options allow comparisons to be made between previous and present audit reports.

Client satisfaction scores

Client satisfaction scores are a priority for any service provider. As a janitorial contractor, you need to understand the level of satisfaction of your clients. You may lose out on recurring business if the clients are not satisfied and you are unaware of what’s missing. In addition, without client feedback, your cleaning crew may not keep up with their performance over time.

You should conduct surveys that focus on response time, overall cleanliness, and staff satisfaction. You may also want to ask existing facility managers whether they are likely to recommend your janitorial company or not. This will give you the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Additionally, any client that says “no” to recommending your services is a major red flag. You should ask them about things that can be better or improved.


The cleaning industry has its own set of hazards. Safety metrics will include the number of days missed by an employee because of a work-related incident along with the number of accidents that took place during a given period. Every cleaning contractor should take safety as a priority. A janitorial service software can keep track of all work-related accidents in one place.

Financial factor

This is probably the most straightforward KPI. As a business owner, you need to remain within the budget of your clients while staying in the red and providing high-quality service. You should come up with new ways of saving on equipment, tools, labor, and cleaning products. The right cleaning software option will give you reports and the data required to identify the less profitable cleaning jobs. You would be able to then determine ways of enhancing profitability while giving your clients the best cleaning.

Employee engagement

The cleaning industry has a high attrition rate. This is primarily because of the nomadic nature of work. Employee retention can help you save on training costs in the long run. Long-term workers offer better service as compared to the ones that are in it for making a quick buck. You can ascertain which employees are not doing their job properly through a property maintenance app. This can help with reducing employee turnover.

Janitorial Software Solutions Can Help Retain Customers 

Commercial cleaning businesses witness a high rate of customer turnover. The average commercial cleaning company loses about a fourth of its business accounts every year. Instead of getting your sales team to increase sales, you should concentrate on client retention. A great way of doing this is by asking the cleaning supervisors and staff to collect performance data. This will allow you to identify any service gaps.

Customer surveys can lend powerful insights to retaining existing customers. You may want to invest in a janitorial software solution at this stage if your team isn’t already using one. This will help you collect all data in one place.

The data provided by the software can be used by the management staff for identifying trends and prioritizing changes in everyday operations. Your team can be tasked with prioritizing additional changes by monitoring the results. This process will help your brand offer excellent customer service over some time. Your team will get the ability to track results in real time as well.

The operations team can help marketing and sales teams as customer retention rates increase. They will be able to find qualified leads through word-of-mouth campaigns and customer referral programs. When it comes to janitorial goals, teamwork and intelligence can help you win championships. And, you cannot do it without help from advanced janitorial cleaning software.

Reach a Higher-End Market with Work Order Software

The goal of commercial cleaning contracts is to locate customers that will remain with you for a long time. You will probably compete with other cleaning companies when trying to first gain new business. Your customers will find it convenient to book your services online through janitorial software.

This will also represent a higher level of professionalism that your competition may not be offering. This outlook towards your business in the eyes of a potential client can be enough for you to win their business. There have been instances of cleaning jobs being booked without the customer ever speaking with a sales rep.

Commercial cleaning customers that seek online booking value their convenience and time. They will in all likelihood have a greater tolerance for premium rates as well. Most commercial cleaning occurs at night when the employees, staff, and visitors have left for the day. It may be a major selling point for online customers to be able to schedule additional services at their convenience.

Increase Overall Business Worth

If you want to increase your business, you need to retain existing customers. The only way you can prevent them from seeking another cleaner is to offer high-quality service and know their needs well. Commercial cleaning software will save client data – past and present. You can find information on frequency, the scope of work, and complaints made among others.

You can stay on top of any fluctuations or changes made as well. There is nothing more frustrating than a service provider forgetting instructions. This is all too common in cleaning businesses that use paper. Advanced cleaning software allows for seamless communication. Your clients can easily leave additional requests on the app which the cleaning supervisors and managers can ensure are completed.

When you know the numbers regarding your company and its profit margins, the salability and value of your company increase. This is because potential partners or purchasers will have a better idea about the current worth of your company. The data you gather becomes a long-term asset. You can attach tremendous value to it during negotiations.

Grow Your Business with Janitorial Software Data

You can maintain a complete record of all business transactions in one place when the entire business is managed through the janitorial software. This can have positive effects on customer service. However, all of that data can be useful in other ways as well. The software can track the time taken for your team to close a new customer. It can also track the time taken by individual cleaning teams to complete each job at a particular site.

You can have clarity on the number of jobs each team or team member gets done on a particular day. This will show you the type of jobs that are the easiest to perform and which can earn you the most profit. There is a lot you can do by having all the data in one place. You can monitor the performance of your sales team to find better ways of attracting new customers. You can also find ways of retaining existing customers.

Imagine you find that closing large industrial warehouse customers is easier for you. In addition, these clients are more profitable. You could be able to make more money in the long run by working with only industrial warehouses. You could consider specializing in the industry vertical instead of taking up offices and workplaces. You could offer to take care of all of their needs under one roof.

Having customer data sorted into important KPIs or metrics can have a significant positive impact on your brand’s success. You can create reports and track changes. You can be aware of the exact expenses made on a particular job or client. You can know whether you are reaching your margins.

Get the Cleaning Business Software that Increases Growth

Providers of commercial cleaning and janitorial services now have an excellent option for improving their business in many ways. Ranyan, specifically designed for this industry, represents a robust solution that heightens efficiency, improves communication, and helps companies grow.

Ranyan automates virtually all aspects of a commercial janitorial organization’s operations using real-time reporting capabilities, scheduling tools, inspection reports, and more. Janitorial companies that implement Ranyan also find that both employees and clients also like the system.

Employees interact in real-time with Ranyan using a mobile device that centralizes all key employee-related data and can analyze performance. The client-facing online portal simplifies how customers contact their service provider for requests or questions and boosts response time.

We encourage you to contact our sales team today for additional information.

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