Selecting the Best Janitorial Work Order Software

Janitorial and cleaning software is an often-overlooked aspect that can fuel your overall success. You can transform your cleaning operation by implementing janitorial software. It can help streamline the information imparted to your employees, make communication better, assign tasks, and help you monitor profitability.


Janitorial and cleaning software is an often-overlooked aspect that can fuel your overall success. You can transform your cleaning operation by implementing janitorial software. It can help streamline the information imparted to your employees, make communication better, assign tasks, and help you monitor profitability.

The question is how do you choose the right cleaning software with so many available options? Keep reading to learn more about what to look for and what janitorial software can help you accomplish.

How Does Janitorial Software Help?

The majority of maintenance software out there comes with all the bells and whistles to woo cleaning contractors. However, when it comes to selecting a web app or software for your janitorial service business, you should find one that can help you excel at your day-to-day efforts. Work order management software for janitorial businesses is a cloud-based management system.

You get a magic project manager for every cleaning task and aspect of the job. This is particularly true in software options that have a mobile app. You can take your cleaning assistant on the go with you. Imagine being able to track employee progress, schedule work orders efficiently, and ensure the availability of adequate inventory. The best part is the right software solution can help you do this and much more.

Find the Big Win with the Right Property Maintenance Software

Every cleaning business has to stay on top of work orders. They are after all the lifeblood of your janitorial business. Unfortunately, it is easy for work orders to start feeling like the bane of existence, especially if the client is not satisfied or it takes too long. You can easily start feeling like you are losing everything. Take back control by easily pinpointing the issues with work orders. You can get a big win if you have the right software solution doing your job for you.

Eliminate paper

Hefty paper trails can cause a big mess when it comes to working orders. There is a new piece of paper whenever something changes. And, changes in the cleaning industry are frequent. One of your cleaners may call in sick or the client may reschedule the cleaning for an hour later. By creating digital work orders, you can encapsulate every piece of information integral to getting a job performed. This is true even in the backdrop of incessant changes.

All you need to do is pull up the cloud-based app on your phone or desktop and address the notifications. You don’t need paper calendar entries or sticky notes. You can easily assign employees to the orders and give them access to the required information. This includes the client’s contact information, appointment times, deadline, tasks that need to be completed, and any other notes from the client.

Track it all

It’s easy to get into the habit of scrambling for cover any time something happens at a job. Many people think that cleaning contractors are unorganized and used to taking things as they come. This doesn’t need to be you! You can stay on top of things and track almost everything by having the right cleaning service software.

You can track things like an employee’s progress on the job, knowing the right materials to use, verifying an inspection, and client satisfaction rates among others. Work management software can help you track invoicing, billable hours, and budgets for each job. This will ensure that your employees are kept in check and that you always stay in the red.

You would be able to see the reference number of work orders for all clients and verify the date and time of every scheduled order. You never have to scramble again to check when a particular job was completed.

Criteria to Look For in a Cleaning Service Software 

You need to create a roadmap of priority setting. This will be your guide to the evaluation process. Identify the features you find most important – budget, timeline, geographic location, and integration requirements. These are a few other criteria to keep an eye out for in addition to your factors.

Platform scalability and architecture

Technology can change at a rapid pace. You would want a solution that doesn’t become obsolete. The software you choose should be adaptable while offering a solid foundation for your operations. The platform should be scalable enough to meet the needs of your growing business. It can be difficult to get all employees and team members on a new software once they are used to something. In addition, you probably don’t want to invest precious time and resources in repeating the process 5 – 10 years down the line.

Product integration, roadmap, and functionality

A product roadmap refers to a plan for continuous adaptation of the software program. This is to improve the performance of the software. This can be in the form of adding new features, simplifying processes, or updating existing features. You should look for a product that is updated frequently and has improvements added continually by dedicated product designers.

Implementation process

It is a big task to implement a new business management system. You probably don’t want to be stuck doing it all on your own. You should find a vendor that promises complete support during the onboarding process. Questions like the time taken to implement the software, specific services on offer, and whether there is any additional fee can be helpful during research.

Training and support

The next factor to consider is the type of regular training and support provided once the implementation process is over. You need to check whether there are accessible customer service teams. Vendors with in-house support can provide quick solutions to your problems. You can ask about online solutions and training or troubleshooting material for taking care of the problem on your own.

Customer satisfaction

Another great way of gauging whether existing clients of a company are happy or not is by looking at customer reviews. There are a few fairly recent software programs that may not have many online reviews. You can ask about customer renewal rates during conversations. This will give you a fair idea about whether the janitorial software is helpful and able to deliver on its promises or not.

Value for price

This is an obvious factor to consider. You probably don’t want to spend beyond your budget on software that doesn’t help in simplifying things for you. The commercial cleaning software you choose should be worth the investment of your resources and time. You may need to do a little homework for identifying the true cost depending on the vendor’s pricing structure.

Certain platforms charge a flat fee, while others have you pay as per the service level or user level. You should find out what you are paying separately for the software, implementation, and support among other things. Do not think in terms of the cost but value when comparing different software solutions.

The key is to find a product that offers the highest quality of functionality and service while being within your price range. Don’t hesitate in exploring options till you find a cleaning company software that works the best for you and fits with your business objectives.

Who Should Consider a Cleaning Scheduling Software?

You should consider a janitorial work order software solution if you think the following features and improvements can help your business grow:

Automated scheduling

The efficiency of any field service contractor depends on their scheduling. The scheduler will assign the work orders to the field service team on a first-in first-served basis in an ideal world. Unfortunately, scheduling becomes complex in the real world where push comes to shove. Cleaning scheduling software is important to cleaning companies because of the following exigencies:

  • Customer canceling a service request
  • Cleaning employee calling in sick
  • Urgent job, such as the disinfection following a covid outbreak
  • Closure of premises because of unforeseen circumstances

Having cleaning business software can make it easy for you to assign a field team to various tasks in a seamless fashion. The algorithm will place priority on incoming work orders and assign them to the nearest available team on hand. It will also take care of mandatory time-offs, leaves, matching employee skillset with the job on hand, and other factors.

Integrated communication

The recent pandemic has made communications more important than ever before. Information is sought by customers on disinfecting, sanitization, and cleaning activities. The cleaning crew needs to be updated with recent information to help them complete their jobs safely. You can integrate seamless, clear, and structured communication among all stakeholders by using cleaning management software.

The best part is that you don’t need to be burdened by any repetitions. You can disseminate the following type of information to field teams using a robust collaboration suite:

  • Safe working practices for the cleaning team
  • Information on disinfection protocol required by field agents and clients
  • Notification of job commencement at customer premises
  • Information on social distancing rules and other precautions
  • News of recent developments, such as lockdowns, fresh outbreaks, and
  • biohazard risks, among other information
  • Information on to-do tasks of the cleaning crew outside of the normal scope of work
  • Special service requests made by the client

Having cleaning service software can make it easy for you to communicate with specific cleaning groups or team members. A great field service app will maintain a record of the conversations and ensure that no messages are lost in transit.

Contactless inspection reports

Cleaning teams can generate inspection reports and forms using cleaning business work order software. Business teams are enabled to do the following by the right software:

Creating detailed custom checklists to ensure that all specific requests made by a customer are completed in a structured manner

Customized inspection reports for enabling corrective and prompt actions. Auto-populate options and range-limited boxes can help in improving the accuracy of replies. The reports may be able to co-opt images as captured by the smartphone camera.

It gets easier for the janitorial manager to share inspection reports with regulatory authorities, customers, and other stakeholders in contactless mode through automated cleaning service software. Checklists and reports can be collated by business analysts for unearthing trends.

Accepting digital payments

Contactless transactions can help save time. You can now deliver digital invoices to your customers to cut paperwork. You can now get paid through smartphone apps. Contactless transactions triggered by restrictions placed during the covid-19 times are soon to become the norm. Automation capabilities in a cleaning software can:

Track the number of hours spent at a particular premise by using the GPS capabilities in a smartphone. The software will create a bill accordingly by pulling relevant details from the work order.

  • Generate automatic invoices using a pre-set template when the work is marked as complete by a cleaner
  • Send invoices to the customer using their email or another digital mode
  • Accept credit card payments by co-opting a payment module
  • Send real-time updates to the accounts department
  • Inventory management

Critical dimensions have been assumed by inventory management in the covid-19 era. The pandemic disrupted supply chains which have only now begun to appear stable. Cleaning management software can help you track usage patterns in real time. The current geopolitical tensions don’t make hyper-efficient inventory models sustainable. The reports can be drilled down to per-building area or per unit to enable:

  • Transfer of stocks to high-use areas from low-use ones
  • Make trade-offs between stocks and budget
  • Place orders with suppliers beforehand by identifying potential needs
  • Stock up on PPE kits, tissues, and other supplies to keep your cleaners safe

Businesses can better cope with disruptions and outages by using work order software. Cleaning services that are adaptable and flexible have a higher chance of surviving. Your work order software can prove to be a valuable arsenal to adapt to changes quickly.

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