The Reasons Why Janitorial Software Programs are Good for Your Company

The commercial cleaning and janitorial business are fields that operate in many work environments and building types. A cleaning business might work in an office setting or others including industrial operations, shipping services, technology, medical, etc.


The commercial cleaning and janitorial business are fields that operate in many work environments and building types. A cleaning business might work in an office setting or others including industrial operations, shipping services, technology, medical, etc.

A cleaning company operation might range in size from a large organization down to a small business program. Many small service businesses with a team of only a few staff members perform services for just a couple of clients.

Data suggests good news for cleaning business owners, management people, building service contractors, cleaners themselves, and other associated team members. Aside from Asia, North America is the continent with the most cleaning employees, customers, vendors, jobs, equipment, etc.

Over three million people work in the industry as a janitor, house cleaners, janitorial managers, carpet cleaners, or other roles. In addition, information developers and users of industry projection software programs estimate that the cleaning business will grow 5.4% annually. Automate Your Sales Process With a Cleaning Business Software

A commercial cleaning company or janitorial business can take steps that boost performance and overall profits while reducing problems. One great way involves improving internal communication and communication with clients to levels that surpass the competition.

A cleaning provider needs a strategy for growth that involves generating more professional bids and securing new contracts. To secure a new cleaning contract, a company must schedule more appointments for presenting a professional proposal.

Professional proposals generally contain a nicely worded cover letter and detailed job specifications based on the list of specific measurements.

These opportunities for proposals allow for asking the prospective customer some questions, as needed for developing a professional bid. This is a chance to present your services and explain the best things about your organization and the overall benefits.

What Are the Best Practices & Great Ways for Cleaning Companies to Enhance Performance?

Marketing Improvements

Boosting your marketing efforts should allow janitorial companies to secure more opportunities for engaging with potential business customers. You will have more chances to express features, and benefits, discuss pricing, and resolve issues.

For example, creating a robust website or simply a powerful promotional page is a great tool or feature for improvement. Your online platform can be a convenient place for displaying your company logo and allow for customer testimonials or recommendations.

Highlight your organization in creative ways using terms or headings explaining “the best thing about…” or “superior customer service”. You might address issues related to excellent quality control or an express feature that will save time.

Perhaps you have a periodic newsletter that is sent to a prospect’s email address that they can place an online order for?

Offering More Special Services

Maybe your team offers superior quality control inspections, customer service, and enhanced cleaning frequency for high-traffic places.  Some cleaning companies offer special services including electrostatic disinfection or exterior window cleaning projects for multi-floor facilities.

Implementing a Great Tool Such as a Janitorial Management Software Solution

A professional cleaning service software platform should extend far beyond what janitorial bidding software or types of traditional databases do. The software solution should allow for electronically creating key documents including summaries of inspections, work tickets, work orders, purchase orders, etc.

Based on the variety of communication methods and systems, a janitorial software program should offer some versatility. For example, it might have a mobile app, cloud storage capability, and work with most smartphones and iOS too.

Some of the other common options and features that might increase productivity and ease of use include:

The ability to view a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule and timesheets in such intervals.
A quality control inspection module and other job site tools.
Critical job-specific details and information regarding the modular design, a list of specific measurements, or tools to generate an estimate of the size of the building.
Estimates and projections regarding industry-specific cleaning times or seasonal cleaning or maintenance activity
A way for managers to calculate profit margins, monthly costs, quality control score goals, and other metrics.
A real-time list of inventory or supplies such as hand towels, toilet paper, or other paper supplies that need restocking.
A simple means of generating invoices.
Some modern security features include user email verification, multi-factor authentication, and more.
The protection of a secure ordering system

Understanding Industry-Specific Software Applications

The world’s information technology (IT) market now exceeds 8.3 billion and expectations include annual growth exceeding 10%. The market or realm of IT includes goods and services related to computing, telecommunications, computer networking, and broadcasting.

Aside from IT services, hardware, and actual physical components are needed for computers and software products such as PCs or laptops.  While the commercial cleaning and janitorial industry might not represent the earliest adopters of technology—progress is underway. 

Even years before the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses of all sizes recognized that employing technology is critical in a competitive segment. In recent years, many leaders and developers continued creating customized software geared toward specific industries or vertical markets.

For example, software products designed for finance (fin-tech), education (Edu-tech), and medical providers (health-tech) are among the most mature markets. Developers study how operators in these markets function and implement technical solutions that prove useful.

Recent Technology in Demand Among Small and Large Businesses

The ever-growing acceptance of new technology is fueling advancements in infrastructure and information sharing. Case in point: 5G technology emerges as the prevailing trend of today.

What are some of the overall features in software solutions today that translate well to the commercial cleaning and janitorial market? The first is a system designed for field-service businesses where the majority of staff works “in the field.”

A commercial cleaning company, as well as most residential cleaning operations, are largely mobile without a centralized in-house staff.  The majority of a commercial janitorial company’s staff operates within their client’s facilities, which creates supervisory and operational challenges.

According to a report from Business News Daily, “employee monitoring” software is something that business owners and management professionals desire. This is largely attributed to organizations employing remote workers or some “hybrid” type of site schedule.

Janitorial Software: HR-Related Benefits

A commercial cleaning and janitorial company will benefit in various ways specifically related to employee monitoring, hiring, and scheduling. A busy supervisor or manager will enjoy accessing real-time data at any hour of the day across multiple job sites.

A manager’s commercial cleaning staff might be working in three different facilities simultaneously during an evening or weekend.  It is critical that the manager can verify that their team has arrived and that work is underway.

For example, you might create a simple checklist such as floors, carpet, windows, disinfection, and trash removal. Here, the cleaning staff member or onsite supervisor is equipped with a mobile device that they can use for updating progress.

A janitorial company software solution should improve how employee data is received, centralized, and always remains accessible.  After a new employee establishes a login, all critical data is entered electronically such as contact information, direct deposit information, etc.

The process of onboarding a new employee should be largely paperless and allows the individual easy access to training materials. Managing time sheets and payroll should also be much simpler with all the data in one place.

Keep in mind that last-minute changes to a worker’s assignment should be easier and instructions clear and accessible. New employees appreciate the ability to check specific information such as timesheets, schedules, and vacation days, all from one location.

Janitorial Software: Invoice-Related Benefits

A busy manager with responsibility for accurately and efficiently calculating, sending, and tracking invoices can benefit from good software. All invoices are sent electronically and reports are easily generated that provide an overview of the status of all receivables.

A software system allows for analyzing specific customer accounts, such as in comparison to the prior year’s activity. Client portals can also be created and used as a consistent and centralized means of communicating with each customer.  

Janitorial Software: Paperless & Eco-Friendly Benefits

The majority of products and equipment used in the commercial cleaning industry have improved regarding health, safety, and environmental compliance. A software system inherently reduces the use of paper in a host of different ways.

Cloud-based solutions have been shown to reduce carbon emissions in many cases. Some of the ways this occurs include using fewer servers and reducing the negative impact created by traditional data centers.

Some experts state that today’s cloud model can reduce carbon emissions by more than 80%

Ranyan: A Software Solution for Janitorial Companies

Providers of commercial cleaning and janitorial services now have an excellent option for improving their business in many ways. Ranyan, specifically designed for this industry, represents a robust solution that heightens efficiency, improves communication, and helps companies grow.

Ranyan automates virtually all aspects of a commercial janitorial organization’s operations using real-time reporting capabilities, scheduling tools, inspection reports, and more. Janitorial companies that implement Ranyan also find that both employees and clients also like the system.

Employees interact in real-time with Ranyan using a mobile device that centralizes all key employee-related data and can analyze performance. The client-facing online portal simplifies how customers contact their service provider for requests or questions and boosts response time.

We encourage you to contact our sales team today for additional information.

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