Sourcing and Winning Different Types of Commercial Cleaning Bids

Running a commercial cleaning company is about making facilities and spaces workable and germ-free. You can offer a wide range of services.


Running a commercial cleaning company is about making facilities and spaces workable and germ-free. You can offer a wide range of services. However, for your business to be sustainable, you need to ensure that you have a steady stream of work and clients to keep the dusters dusting and the brooms sweeping.

This means you have to be out there bidding for work, which is tough whether you are a seasoned cleaner or a beginner. The majority of commercial cleaning contractors have reported an increase in their business growth by using a janitorial cleaning software solution. This guide explores the different categories of cleaning bids and how to approach them to grow your cleaning business.

Common Types of Commercial Cleaning Facilities

These businesses and facilities are usually popular among commercial cleaners:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Offices
  • Retail shops
  • Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Research and development facilities
  • Government facilities

You mustn’t limit yourself to answering a particular type of bid to secure more business. While it is a good idea to specialize in cleaning a particular industry, beginners should not be choosers. There is a whole range of potential clients out there.

These are a few different types of commercial cleaning bids that you should be aware of:

1. Private jobs

Personal ads (online and offline) and message boards are great places for posting your services. You can find residential cleaning jobs or small commercial cleaning bids this way. It is recommended that you market yourself for overall, deep, and specialty cleaning. Remember that house cleaning jobs have very different requirements from commercial facilities.

2. Commercial and business contracts

You may want to consider looking at local classifieds and registers for bigger business contracts. Don’t be shy to reach out to offices in your area for understanding their cleaning needs. Buildings, apartment complexes, individual offices, storefronts, and commercial facilities are good starting points.

3. Government contract

You would be lucky to land government bids. These are great job sources in the commercial cleaning industry. Register with the US General Services Administration and look for websites with .mil or .gov. US Administration may help you connect with government agencies, such as post offices, public schools, and others that could use your services.

Factors to Consider before Bidding on Cleaning Contracts 

1. Travel, logistics, and expenses

Logistics and travel play a vital role in selecting targeted clients. Travel time spent by your cleaners represents a real cost and should not be overlooked when deciding the different types of contracts you hope to target. You should calculate all costs associated with traveling to different clients. Using a web app for janitorial and engineering services may be able to help.

In addition, you must research those areas where you can provide services to your target accounts. Closer proximity helps in saving time and money. You can limit the risk of missed jobs because of traffic if you cluster multiple cleaning accounts in the same geographic location. You can also reduce associated costs and commute time this way. It is always easier to have your clients in the same state and city.

2. Services on offer

There are many different types of cleaning services available. You may not want to offer all of them. For example, you may want to offer to build engineering and maintenance services along with regular cleaning as part of the contract. It is useful to make a menu of offered services. This can make the entire bidding and pricing process easy too.

Variables, like the frequency of cleaning and scope of work, will impact the cost paid by the customer and your time commitment. The level of cleaning you want to provide is another variable that can impact the overall costs. Many commercial cleaners offer high dusting daily, while others may want to do it only once a week or month.

Your cleaners will spend more time at the client’s facility if you offer extensive services, which will eat away at the profit number. However, by offering such dedicated services, you may be able to secure a client better. An important consideration is floor cleaning services as per different floor types. In any case, you must price correctly so that you can pass it on to the client.

Pricing a Commercial Cleaning Bid

Scope, level, and frequency of service ultimately determine the price of a cleaning contract. There is a big difference between cleaning the kitchen of a diner/restaurant and a pantry in an office complex. You will probably need to spend more hours cleaning the diner’s kitchen as compared to the pantry. You may also require specialized cleaning supplies. You can always use an hourly rate pricing model.

It is important to make such elevated expectations part of the contract. You should ultimately take a consultative approach to understand the expectations of a client and customize the cleaning schedules accordingly. Don’t forget to determine a balance between the scope and frequency of work for suiting client desires and facility needs. The last step will be to outline conditions and identify a price that matches the client’s desires while keeping you profitable.

Getting the Right Clients 

Commercial cleaning contracts don’t just magically appear. You would need to invest time and money in your business if you want to build a name and get clients for the business. These are a few steps you should take for getting the right clients for your cleaning business:

1. Determine the target customer

Almost every commercial facility requires a cleaning service that understands its needs. Offices, small businesses, industrial shops, hospitals, medical centers, and schools among others have unique cleaning needs which require specialized products and equipment. Many of the facilities have to meet specific OSHA codes as well. You can differentiate yourself from competitors by developing a market and niche based on their specific needs.

2. Research competition

You should be aware of your competitors and what they are offering. There are extensive financial resources and staff available to large national franchises. You will need to convince business owners that your services are better than the competition if you want to make a name for yourself. Maybe you use eco-friendly products or have more experience in the industry compared to them. You should look for ways to set your business apart from the competition.

3. Create an online presence

Everyone goes online before hiring a new business. Think about the last time you booked travel tickets or made a purchase. Chances are high that you read through online reviews. You need to have an online presence if you want commercial facilities to trust you. People will find it easier to locate your business and have confidence if you have a digital presence.

4. Focus on networking

Networking plays a big role in winning commercial cleaning contracts. Potential clients are looking for businesses all over the town. The problem is you don’t know of them and they don’t know about you yet. You can use digital marketing or meet with facilities supervisors and business owners. Eventually, you will find someone that needs a brand like yours.

You should partner with other local businesses for building your network. For instance, you can gain referrals from local real estate offices that have contacts with other apartment complexes and commercial spaces. Make sure to write down details about what you can do for the business if a meeting is scheduled. You will feel more confident when you can put together multiple proposals for the job.

5. Joint a trade association

There is a basis for trust and assurance of professionalism in belonging to a nationally recognized association. International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA) or Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA) empowers cleaning businesses to connect with others which can result in job opportunities. Being part of a trade association gives you the ability to attain information on other businesses in the same industry.

6. Invest in a cleaning business software

It is not enough to just get new clients. You need to find suitable ways of keeping them satisfied. Most cleaning companies get new business through word-of-mouth and referrals. You can streamline your cleaning tasks and ensure increased efficiency by using janitorial software. You will be able to better communicate with your staff and assign tasks that wow your customers.

Tips to Source and Win Viable Cleaning Bids

These are a few tips that can help janitorial services find and win commercial cleaning contracts:

Understand the buyer’s needs since too many cleaners respond with a boilerplate bid. You should always send a tailor-made response based on the customer’s needs.

Make sure to find the right balance between layman’s terms and jargon. Your customers are not going to be as well-versed as you in cleaning terminology. It is more likely for you to win a contract with the right communication.

You need to price the commercial cleaning job right. Make sure you do a site visit without wasting too much time to get a fair idea. A definitive price system works with schools, offices, and government facilities.

Get In Touch to Learn More About the Perfect Bid

In this day and age, you should be managing everything digitally. Having a cleaning software that supports you like Ranyan will help you secure the bids and clients you want. Ranyan helps in making management and employees more efficient and effective. This doesn’t just help you retain existing customers but also paves the way for new ones.

Ranyan is one of the best cleaning service software made by a team of cleaning contractors. It offers a wide spectrum of advanced tools for organizing your workflow. It can reduce the turnaround time and increase efficiency at the same time. Schedule a free trial today by calling +1 786-297-8830 or using our online form.

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