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Every industry of the economy, including business, healthcare, education, and real estate, all depend on janitorial services. Most of the time, the clients you help are unaware of what you do for them because cleaning services, by default, involve behind-the-scenes effort. 


Every industry of the economy, including business, healthcare, education, and real estate, all depend on janitorial services. Most of the time, the clients you help are unaware of what you do for them because cleaning services, by default, involve behind-the-scenes effort. 

However, if your business isn’t doing a good job or you’re not effectively connecting with your field, people will notice your work—and not favorably. 

Instead of concentrating on the customer, business owners like you can quickly become stuck in details.

Many cleaning businesses are doing everything they can to attract new consumers, but in the process, they miss out on potential clients and wear out their workers. 

You must use the best tools and technology if you want to stay one step ahead of the competition, keep your staff content, and impress your clients.

How can you do that? Through the help of professional Janitorial Management Software, made by experts in the field.

What is a Janitorial Software?

Commercial cleaning businesses and janitorial service providers can operate more effectively and efficiently with the aid of janitorial software. 

A state-of-the-art software solution enables you to increase efficiency, monitor sales activities, and provide quick (and precise) estimates by giving complete visibility into every work process.
Your janitorial contractors can streamline scheduling, labor management, time tracking, work tickets, and team communication with Ranyan’s all-inclusive business management platform. By doing so, they can focus on what matters: expanding the business and clients.

Your business will be equipped to handle even the greatest problems with the help of cleaning software and its robust features, which include direct billing, easy employee administration, and online booking possibilities.

What features make for a great Janitorial Software

For commercial cleaning companies, there is no shortage of business management software. However, many of the solutions are fragmented. If you’re not careful while choosing the software, you can get a lot of add-on features and programs that aren’t adequately integrated.
The best options are all-in-one business management software that offers comprehensive reporting, insights for janitorial businesses, workforce management, and assistance in quickly producing precise estimates and profit margins.

Here’s what you should look out for:

Individual Client Database

With a customized customer database, you can save all the important information about your clients in one convenient location. You can also establish a filing system that makes sense to you and your staff for contact information, billing addresses, particular requests, and project notes.

Online bookings

A great software’s online booking calendar lets you add some flexibility to your procedures. Allow customers to plan their appointments at convenient times, and you won’t have to worry about multiple reservations thanks to real-time availability updates.

Finances tracker

With the built-in billing and invoice capabilities of janitorial software, you’ll be able to take control of your business’s money. It should work just like accounting software. Establish automated warnings for past-due bills, produce and send client invoices, collect payments, and keep track of impending spending.

Project management software

The management of projects has become more simple because of janitorial software. You can even use the phone to review and plan ongoing or upcoming projects, make notes, get real-time status updates, establish deadlines, and communicate with field staff.

How you can impress your clients with Ranyan’s Janitorial Software

With Ranyan’s robust business management tools, the best thing is that you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time giving your clients first-rate services.

And when it comes to retaining your hard-won accounts, it is crucial to have a system that can enable the appropriate field service professionals to analyze performance and take any necessary actions.

Optimized work orders for the mobile force

Ranyan enables you to set travel zones for personnel so that customers can reserve the janitor who is closest to them. Additionally, you can be sure that clients will be waiting to grant you access when you arrive thanks to automated appointment reminders that come included.

All-in-one availability

Ranyan stands above the competition when it comes to managing a mobile workforce. The desktop and mobile app built-in scheduling and project management tools make it simple to assign tasks, dispatch teams, plan itineraries, and get real-time updates wherever you are working.

Know your customers

You do a lot of consistent work as a janitorial business owner. You visit your clients on a daily or periodic basis to provide the same, pre-agreed service. However, the work or the account can vary.
Perhaps a member of your field team informs you that one of your clients is temporarily adjusting their demands due to renovations at their place of business. 

Or you need to update the contact information in your program. With Ranyan, you’re able to keep track of these requests and adjustments and maintain the customer relationship at all times.

Real-time inspections

For each site, Ranyan’s cloud database maintains up-to-date inspection status, which clients can see and evaluate, for full transparency. In addition to providing descriptions of the issue, pictures can also be added for better feedback on the job done.

Common issues faced by Janitorial Managers – and how Ranyan can help

New economic circumstances, evolving consumer needs, and emerging technology combine to create a constant set of difficulties for business owners. 

Here are a few janitorial cleaning business challenges you’re probably facing, and how Ranyan’s Janitorial Software can help you:

1. Not enough time

The number one factor that allows janitorial businesses to expand at a scalable rate is time. Managers frequently become caught up in bids, managing employees, buying supplies, and performing tasks. 

All these minor activities pile up and prevent you from directing your attention to more relevant responsibilities, such as growing your company, streamlining operations, and acquiring new customers.

Many of these processes can be streamlined and made simpler for you by technology. Ranyan app streamlines time tracking by allowing cleaners to quickly examine their schedules. 

Additionally, it facilitates communication between them and management regarding supply requirements, making inventory tracking simple. The program also provides inspection data, allowing for high-quality assurance, and it can point out areas that require improvement.

2. Using ineffective processes

Every company strives to accomplish more with fewer resources.
Learning new systems could take a while, but the time you’ll save in the long run is more valuable. Modern software and technologies are surprisingly more effective than classic spreadsheets and printed reports.

Many tasks can be automated and streamlined for you by technology. Ranyan’s cutting-edge technology makes it exceedingly simple to save time, submit bids, manage contracts and create inspection reports. Plus, using the scheduling calendar, you’ll never miss a task and have the schedule of the entire company on your mobile device, either be it an iPad, iPhone, or any other device.

3. Keeping Up Good Customer Relations

Without having strong ties with your consumers, it is impossible to run a successful business. Using technology to your advantage can simplify client management. 

For instance, Ranyan’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system enables you to track labor and record information on your current clients, including contact details, pricing, completed projects, and notes on the partnership. 

Everything is kept in a secure, cloud database that is also simple to use. Any issues regarding customer retention will disappear from your to-do list.

Second, employing our app enables you to swiftly get in touch with your clients when necessary. They will be immediately informed about delays, expectations, pricing adjustments, and a variety of other situations.

4. Poorly performed work

The poor quality of the cleaning work itself is another frequent criticism janitorial companies receive. 

The best way to fix these issues is through a quality control inspection using Ranyan’s features.
You can regularly inspect each place and cleaner to ensure that the level of service meets high standards. Using the mobile app or computer, inspections can be performed, the cleaning frequency and quality of work are checked and the results are provided to you and the client.

5. Lack of communication with clients

Your commercial cleaning company cannot exceed expectations if you are unable to effectively communicate with the client, the employees, and stakeholders, even if you have the best cleaning products available, brand-new equipment, and a crew ready to work.

With Ranyan Janitorial Management Solutions, your customers get access to their portal through janitorial software and they can stay in touch with the cleaning service. They can request goods, services, feedback, and/or inspection reports.

You can also keep in touch with your staff. Your cleaners can connect, and management can engage with workers. 

Managers will receive real-time check-ins and check-outs, information on how long it takes to clean a facility, and the ability to give the cleaning crew specific instructions if necessary.

Are you ready to wow your customers with Ranyan’s Janitorial Software?

You can manage your cleaning teams more effectively by implementing a powerful Janitorial Work Management System, and it will also make it clear to your clients and other stakeholders what is being done in their facility.

Let Ranyan Janitorial Manager be your go-to program for making operational and staffing decisions, maintaining effective lines of communication with your customers and employees, and elevating your operation’s productivity. Working effectively enables your team to spend more time focusing on the clients and the work performed.

Get started today

Our all-in-one software solution relieves the pressure of business management, providing you more time to concentrate on what truly matters. 

To find out how Ranyan can help you stay ahead of the competition and manage a strong client database, schedule a 1-on-1 demo now.

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