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Meet Ranyan, the system that makes running your janitorial company easier.

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Your business has lots of moving parts.  Keeping on top of it all can be exhausting.

Commercial cleaning isn’t for the faint of heart. Employees don’t show up. Your best manager quits. A client isn’t happy. The paperwork never seems to end.

Running a janitorial business isn’t easy. So we built Ranyan to make it a lot easier.

At Ranyan, we know it’s tough to keep a cleaning business running smoothly. We aren’t venture-backed software geeks. We’re run by janitors just like you.

For years, we tested and tinkered with technology to make our own janitorial experience better.

We didn’t just want software that would simplify admin and reporting. We wanted systems that would let us sleep better at night. We wanted to stop stressing about losing contracts and be sure we had happy customers month after month.

It took years, but we figured it out. Then, we hired some really smart guys from places like MIT to build Ranyan to bring our proven systems to you.


Work smarter, not harder with Ranyan

Customize your workflows

Configure site analysis tools, job cards, digital inspections, and work orders to function how you want. Adapt the software to your process, not the other way around.

Never worry about what you don’t know

Make communicating with customers simple. Digital portals make it easy for clients to upload requests and complaints…and for you and your team to resolve them fast.

See what’s happening from anywhere

With your janitors tracking their work from a phone or tablet, you’re always in the know. Just a few clicks will show you what’s happening in all of your buildings.

No magic potions. Or silver bullets. Just proven systems that work.

With Ranyan, you and your team have everything you need in one place.. Reduce your headaches and grow your business with things like:

  • Customizable site profiles that give everyone the info they need in a few clicks.
  • Client portals that simplify communication and make sure requests get done
  • Digital inspection processes that make it easy to stay on top of quality control
  • A training library that gives your team the training they need at their fingertips
  • Job cards that automatically update so your employees always know what to do
  • Time tracking and employee management tools that make HR simple
  • Calendar tools that enable you and your team to efficiently schedule everything going on
  • Sophisticated encryption and data protection that always keeps your information safe
  • Work order systems that keep you on top of what’s going on and what needs to get done in real-time
  • Powerful reporting systems so you can pull the data you need when you need it

Better yet, Ranyan is constantly evolving. New features and tools are always in the works. We work hard to earn your business month after month. Just like you for your clients.

Never wonder, “What happened last night?” Keep your clients delighted. Always have everything under control.

Seeing if Ranyan is right for you is simple. It starts with a quick, no-pressure conversation.

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